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Listen: The World Is Upside Down (Club Room Backstage Podcast)

Hello friends, I have a new website! Welcome, welcome. As so much has changed, I thought for my first news post it would be appropriate to share a talk that I did with my dear friend Anja Schneider in Berlin, just after the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the world. This all happened on the same week of my Album release, which I had ironically titled Dystopian Love, and my Album tour was cancelled.

This was a really nice chat, also with Patrick Bodmer of globetrotting DJ duo M.A.N.D.Y, Ellie & Timo from ://about blank club in Berlin, founder of Mobilee records and member of the Association of Electronic Music, Ralf Kollman, and myself as the last interview. It's really interesting to listen to this now, and five months later, as the music industry is still facing almost the same challenges now as we were then.

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